Organization Change Intervention

Select an organization that requires you to act as a change agent to form an organizational change intervention within it. The selection of the organization needs to be a current existing organization locally or internationally that needs organizational change for performance improvement, sustainability or increases its profitability. In the assignment clarify your role as a change agent towards making the organizational change. As a change agent you shall present to the stakeholders the below:

Q1. A client report of about 2500 words that describes an organization that you will provide an organizational intervention. Your evaluation as a change agent should have five sections: (60 marks)

  • Background of the selected organization and organizational situation that’s needs organizational intervention
  • Description of your role as a change agent
  • Identification of what exactly needs to be change in the organization through using a diagnostic model
  • Discussion on the external and internal factors that are driving the needs for change
  • Evaluation of the organization readiness for the change by using an assessment tool

Q2. A recommendation report of about 1000 words aimed at your client proposing the most appropriate change intervention from your exploration as a change agent within the organization. Your recommendation as a change agent should have four sections (40 marks)

  • Discussion on the required types of change (solutions) and the rational for charges
  • Discussion on how the changes will be communicated to all stakeholders in the organization
  • Discussion on the expected resistible to change and how to overcome it.
  • Discussion on how to sustain change in the organization