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MBA Students at their entry-level needs awareness about the business practices, and hence university professors assign the student’s with writing case studies on various business management related issues. It is an important assignment to the students as the case study paper needs them to investigate the problems related to the assigned subject and come up with a possible solution based on their observations. By writing this assignment, students discover what business professionals practise to overcome specific challenges. Related to business issues

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Before writing, the following the guidelines as stated below, can help you to prepare and understand the subject of the case study:

  1. Study and Examine the case carefully on which you are to write
  2. Collect data take notes, by  highlighting  relevant facts,
  3. Identify key problems.
  4. Concentrate on your Analysis
  5. Try to identify two or more key problems.
  6. Find out the cause of its occurrence.
  7. Find the answer about how do they impact the organization?
  8. Review, discuss, and research your experience.
  9. Selection of the best alternative
  10. Selection of strong supporting evidence, pros, and cons of the issues
  11. First Draft

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After the collection of all the necessary information, a draft of your analysis should include all your findings. Review the draft and start the final writing by considering the following sequence:


Start with an Introduction Identifying the key problems and issues in the case study. Then formulate and include a statement, summarizing the outcome of your analysis.


In background information, includes relevant facts, and issues. Establish and demonstrate that you researched the problems attentively.

Evaluation of the Case study

  • Outline the various portions of the case study that you are concentrating on.
  • Evaluate the issues by discussing what is working and what is not.
  • State why these are not working well?

Proposed Solution

Recommendations: In the recommendation part, determine and discuss specific strategies for getting the proposed solution.

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