Case Study Title Page

A case study is a kind of assignment that is given in colleges to the students by the teaching professionals. The ultimate aim of the case study is to make the students deeply involved in the given topic. It also aids in making them excel in the given topic or field. In order to prepare an effective report of the case study, it is important to draft a perfect case study title page. We all know the old yet a famous saying “first impression is the best impression”.

Basic tips for writing a perfect case study title page

  • It is important to use the word case study in the title on the page so that it could highlight the chosen topic.
  • For instance, Case study: How Britannia increased its profit by 2000? Then you will have to personalize and add effects to the title page.
  • This will make title page outstanding and professional.

Why should students get case study as assignment in university?

There are purposes and reasons why case study is being assigned to the students in colleges by their teaching professionals. Instead of reading the textbook,paperbacks, etc or listening lectures from class, case study makes the students engage in the given topic with deep research. It doesn’t stop with an overview of the given topic. It will help them in understand the reason behind the success stories of the given topic, this will keep the students motivated. Inspite of all the odds life gives them, a success story in the case study report pushes them to take risks. This is the reason why case study plays the main role in the college students’ education. Case study reports have an important part in students’ educational as well as real life.

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