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Corporation law case study assignment courses enable you with the knowledge of corporate finance, administration, completion of any corporation, and any other issues. Conducting a corporation law case study develops your ability to quickly grasp the issues related to the governance of the corporation, directors’ duties, shareholders’ remedies, etc. Corporate law is the body of laws that govern the rights, relations, or conduct of businesses, companies, and organizations. It helps the company deals with the regulations and their assets during the process of liquidation. Corporate law and company law are classified as the same.

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What is a corporation law?

Company law means the set of legal studies governing the formations and operations of the company. It is all about the running of any business organization. Every business that comes into existence by law is considered a company. There are several types of business organization registered by corporation law, and that are mentioned below:

  • Sole proprietor/ individual / sole trader
  • Private limited company
  • Public limited company
  • Partnership firm
  • Co-operative society

The companies act has all the provisions for registration and limitations of a company. All the guidelines and procedures are mentioned company’s act, which is required for the smooth management of a business. As per the requirement, the law needs to be amended for a specific purpose. These changes in the act or law are called amendments.

Corporation Law Case Study Assignment Help

If you are going to write a corporation law case study, you must know the division of corporation law:

  • Corporate governance: It is described as the study of the relationship between the senior officials or the executives of a company. It includes a board of directors and the people who elect them to be the board of directors.
  • Corporate finance: It is related to the source of finance for funding and creating the source of wealth of the company. It is concerned with the company law about the code of conduct implemented by the managers to maintain and develop their value and their firms’ reputation before the company’s stakeholders.

Essential characteristics of a business corporation

A company has many power, control, commitment, and responsibility, just like a human being. That’s why in accordance with the company’s act 2013, it is called a ‘person.’ A company has to act according to the rules and guidelines.

Some of the essential characteristics of a business are given below:

  • Distinctive personality: It is an essential feature of a company that refers to the image of a company that is distinct from the image of its owner. A company has a legal existence; thus, it can be sued on that different name only.
  • Perceptual succession: It states that once a company gets incorporated under the company’s act, it cannot lose its existence till the company law gets wind up. In short, if a company is created by law, it can only be dissolved by law.
  • Limited liability: Limited liability is like a boon for a company. Shareholders are accountable or liable to the extent of their capital contribution. It explains that at the time of repaying the debt, the shareholders have to pay the amount they have in the form of shares.
  • Separate property: According to corporation law, a company is a distinctive individual in the name of the law. It means it can hold its properties under its name.
  • Common seal: It is described as the official signature of any company. The company can enter into the contracts with the help of a common seal.

What are the limitations of the actions of a company?

A company cannot go against its power mentioned in the memorandum of association. The company needs to be in the limitation of its memorandum of association. If a company dares to go beyond its powers and duties, the company’s act has conferred certain regulations and punishment for a company. Corporation law has provided certain rules and regulations related to the lifting of the corporate veil.

For example: if shareholders into a contract by giving wrong and fraudulent information about a company, then in accordance with the company law, he will be liable for his deeds, and the case would be filed under his name in place of a company.

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