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The students who are pursuing post-graduation in accounting and finance have to do an Auditing case study assignment. However, they are stuck while conducting auditing case studies. The accounts and finance field involves lots of concepts of auditing as well. Auditing is concerned with the organized and specified form of verification and checking, which comprises the scrutiny of a particular organization’s accounts and other records and statements. It involves a wide range of activities, starting from the initial audit planning, substantive testing, and study of internal controls to collect the evidence for the final audit report.

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MBA Auditing Case Study Help

Auditing is an inspection or investigation of an organization’s financial records by an auditor to ensure that the records accurately record all transactions. There are some of the fundamental concepts of audit that you should know that are:

  • Internal control: It includes all about the management control and the balanced activity of the operations department. Internal controls demonstrate the effectiveness of operations, as they deliver the confirmation of the credibility of financial reporting and adhere to the applicable regulations. It primarily includes the segregation of duties, information processing, and physical control.
  • Auditor and auditing: Auditing means analyzing and evaluating the books of accounts, statements, and other company records. And the auditor is the one who assesses and evaluates all records and information within an organization.
  • Accounting principles: It involves the guidelines and the rules that an organization must follow when reporting financial information. Its main objective is to ensure that a company’s financial statements are consistent, comparable, and complete.

MBA Auditing Assignment Help

The auditor performs the auditing procedure within the organization in different ways, and you need to be aware of that:

  • Identification and assessment of information or the data: This is the first procedure of starting with the auditing process. It is called the procedure of obtaining and evaluating the records of a company or an organization’s accounts and the statement that the company has recorded.
  • The difference between evaluation and establishment: Every company needs to keep all their company accounts and the statements neat and clear which means that the records need to be authentic and no hidden information to be present. Even a single misuse can lead the company to a heavy-duty fine.
  • Giving information to stakeholders: After evaluating the data and the records, the auditor has to provide the information to the organization’s stakeholders. So, every company needs to ensure that all data and records are accurate and maintained.

The different types of opinion in auditing

The impression of the financial statement of an organization is the basis of the opinions demonstrated by an auditor in a review report. Opinions are based on the evaluation process and formalities performed by the auditor. The different types of opinions are:

  • Unqualified opinion: It is also known as a clean opinion. It is given to the best companies that follow all the standards and guidelines in accordance with the policies themselves. This opinion features that the company is pretty authentic, and its financial statement and records are free from frauds and errors, and it has followed all the government rules and company regulations.
  • Qualified Opinion: It is the reversed form of the unqualified opinion. It states that the company has not followed the principles and accounting norms of the company.
  • Adverse opinion: It states that the organization or the company has performed blunders and frauds within its financial statement and books of accounts.

There are various types of topics that come under Auditing case study topics

  • Forensic audit
  • Financial audit
  • Tax audit
  • Information technology audit
  • Operational audit
  • Internal audit
  • External audit
  • Compliance audit
  • Statutory audit

Auditing Case Study Writing Services For MBA Students

The objectives of the auditing can be distributed as primary objectives and subsidiary objectives.

Primary objectives of auditing: Significant objectives come under primary objectives, and some of them are:

  • Check the correctness of mathematical operation of accounts’ book, balancing, validating, casting, posting, etc.
  • Evaluate the system of internal checks.
  • Ensure the existence and value of assets and liabilities.
  • Verify the authenticity and reliability of transactions.
  • Check the exact difference between capital and revenue nature of transaction mode.
  • Verify the financial position given by the balance sheet and operating results extended by the income statement.

Subsidiary objectives of auditing: This objective is designed to achieve the primary objectives. Some of them are:

  • Detect and prevent errors.
  • Effective valuation of stocks.
  • Detect the fraudulence.
MBA Auditing Assignment Writing Help For MBA Students

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