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Fundamentally, finance is distributed into several parts, such as corporate finance, commercial finance, foreign finance, and personal finance. Corporate finance is concerned with the effective and efficient management of an organization’s finances to achieve the goals and objectives of that organization. A basic concept of corporate finance is investment analysis that is concerned with the process of setting up different criteria for the multiple values added projects. Generally, it analyses whether finance should be invested with debt or equity. Working capital management is also another concept of corporate finance. It deals with the management of various monetary funds of an organization.

Corporate finance case study brings lots of challenges for MBA students. Generally, students find it difficult to make a compelling case study as it requires various criteria to follow, such as research analysis, paying attention to the latest trends, and accomplishing it on time. Hence, they seek MBA Corporate Finance Case Study Help. In order to help students, My Case Study Help .Com offers complete assignment writing services, including a case study.

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Corporate finance deals with the entire set of financial activities that assist corporations in making important financial decisions with the main focus on maximizing stockholders’ value through various long-term or short-term monetary planning and implementation. The corporate finance case basically involves analysis of the various financial or economic issues an organization faces, focusing on practical application and relevance. These case studies generally deal with project analysis and valuation, corporate strategies, and risk management relating to financial planning, capital purchases, and investments.

The main activities of corporate finance are given below:

  • Investment and capital budgeting: capital budgeting is the vital sector of corporate finance that takes care of the long-term investment targets of an organization so that it can give optimum return after a specific time. The primary purpose of capital investment in an organization is to promote its business idea. It includes fixed assets such as machinery, manufacturing plants, and all those that can remain productive over the years. It is applied to estimate the risk factors associated with it for the expected return. It can be carried out by studying the earning and expenditure of the company and the number of risks involved.
  • Capital financing: This is another activity of corporate finance which is responsible for optimizing the finance with the help of a debt and equity ratio. Maintaining the balance between two sectors is crucial as a higher amount of equity selling or higher debt is not good for any organization’s financial structure.
  • Dividends and capital returns: This finance activity takes care of the excess cash that is returned to the organization. In this, the organization’s management’s decision is essential as they have to select between two alternatives such as the profit investment in their own business like the enhancement of production line or clearing of debtor dividend payment to its stakeholders.

Major financial statements

  1. Cash flow statement: The cash flow is the fundamental concept of corporate finance that represents the cash flow statement through the outflow and the inflow of the cash.
  2. Balance sheet: It represents a specific firm’s liabilities, assets, and capital for a specified period.
  3. Statement of income: The complete analysis of the net profit for a specific financial period can be done with the assistance of a statement of income.
  4. Statement of retained income: It is not used as much as the other financial statements. It confers the change in the equity position of a particular firm.

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To frame a corporate finance case study is always a challenging one for students. Before you start writing your corporate finance case study, you need to keep some key points in mind, and that is:

Select a topic carefully: Choosing a topic is not easy; you cannot select the topic just because you find it interesting. You need to make sure about the availability of the research material and relevant data. And also, keep in mind your instructor’s preference while selecting the topic.

Take reference, but not plagiarize: If you are facing difficulties while writing your case study on corporate finance, you can take references from other reliable sources. You should not try to copy any information from others. You need to understand that every case study has its style of analysis, and they are unique. However, you can take an idea and try to solve it in your style.

Shortlist the name of whom you will interview: While conducting a case study, you need to gather a lot of raw data on the topic through surveys, interviews, and group discussions. It is crucial to choose your interviewees carefully so that you can get information related to the case study. Your case study should have something new to offer the readers.

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