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Leadership is an essential subject for MBA students. It is not only a subject but also a skill that is needed in every field. It makes a student different from other students. Hence it is mandatory in management courses. A leadership case study can be tricky, so students are often stuck with it while conducting it. A leadership case study is all about the study of human behavior and how a human can supervise the group of people in executing the tasks. Leading people is one of the scientific approaches that a leader uses to properly manage the organization’s workforce.

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MBA Leadership Case Study Help

A person directing and supervising a group of people to attain a common objective is called leadership. Leadership is considered one of the most influential techniques of human behavior because most of the people around us are positively influenced by leaders. A leader should know how to control any situation and maintain discipline. A leader should be visionary. The primary tasks and responsibilities of a leader are to state a vision for an organization and convert these visions into reality as well. In short, leadership is the way of organizing a group of individuals to complete a common task. Hence, leadership is vital in each field.

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There are so many core principles of the leadership approach; some of them are motivating power, good communication skill, self-confidence, achievement-oriented, etc.

  • Motivating power: Motivating power is vital for the leadership approach. By encouraging, a leader manages people effectively. It helps the leader to get the jobs done efficiently. Through this ability, a leader can motivate people to work together to achieve the same goal.
  • Good communication skills: Effective leadership is also the core principle of the leadership approach. Through effective communication skills, leaders are able to communicate with their followers. Good communication skill of a leader helps them in managing and motivating people towards their work to achieve the predetermined objectives.
  • Self-confidence: Self-confidence is one of the core principles that help leaders communicate and manage their followers effectively and efficiently. It boosts the morale that helps in making effective managerial decisions.
  • Achievement Oriented: A leader must have skills, ability, and power to unite their followers to achieve an organization’s goals. An achievement-oriented approach helps the leader to get dedicated to the work.

Why  A MBA Leadership Case Study Assignment Given to Management Students?

The case studies on leadership help students improve their knowledge and understanding of how well-known leaders became successful. It defines the leadership styles and theories that they adopted. The case study helps you know the qualities that were present in the prominent leaders that made them so prominent in the history of the world. But it is not a piece of cake for students to frame a leadership case study. It requires reading and researching, documenting skills, and a lot of time which all students do not have. If you are stuck with drafting it, avail of our leadership case study writing services.

Comparison between the leadership roles and managerial functions:

The concept of leadership roles defines the responsibility of guiding their employees to have them accomplish their jobs or assignments with productive results, while the managerial role is to plan, organize, control, and coordinate their employers for a productive outcome. Leadership is a skill to lead others through the use of practical examples, whereas managerial function is a more systematic approach for getting productivity. However, leadership roles are with the better visionary to get the best out of the employees as managerial function is with lower perspective ranges to deal with the employees’ outcomes.

The different styles of leadership approach: – Get Case Study Writers For MBA Assignment Writing

  • System leadership: This type of leadership requires an organization to create a system so that each employee of the organization works productively to meet organizational objectives.
  • Democratic leadership: In this leadership style, the leader considers the opinion and ideas of the team members prior to making the final decision. It enables the leader to improve employee satisfaction that in turn enhances their performance.
  • Autocratic leadership: In this leadership style, a leader gives the slightest consideration to the team member and tries to establish firm control over each of the team members.
  • Transformational leadership: This style enables the leader to execute the strategic mission and vision of the company.
  • Contingency leadership: This leadership styles enable the leader not to focus on the use of leadership style but focus on the situation and try to solve that. In this style, there should be a strong relationship among leaders and members.
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