How To Make A Case Study?

A case study is an essential part of an academic curriculum for university students. Case studies are given to students to analyze their skills and assess what they have learned in the class for a particular subject. A case study is a story about something unique or specific associated with individuals, institutions, programs, events, and organizations. It captures the story behind the certain result and reveals the reason behind its occurrence. A case study focuses on numerous details related to the initial challenges and applied solutions, and it is used for a different purpose.


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What is a case study assignment?

A case study is a research methodology generally seen in social and life sciences. A case study can be defined as the intensive study, research, and investigation about a person, group, community, and some other unit in which the researchers examine in-depth data relating to several variables. In simple words, a case study refers to the subcategory of research design that investigates issues and problems and offers a solution. A case study requires great and well-focused efforts in the right direction to achieve the desired goal. To write a compelling case, student students should be familiar with their subject, the field of methodology, but it is very challenging for university students.

How To Make A Case Study?

Key steps to start writing your case study

  • First, you need to read the issues and situation carefully.
  • Explain the case study’s content.
  • Highlight the case’s key points and any problems that you can identify.
  • Explain your study area.
  • Summarize the case study’s issues and results without going through specific.
  • Ponder over what the assignment requires from you.
  • Read the case again and link the essential details to some of the questions you are asking.

Case study making process?

When you are going to write a case study assignment, keep in mind that research should always come first. Reading different sources and evaluating other perspectives assignment help you come up with a more creative solution. The research process involves the following:

  • Describe the reason why you are presenting your subject. Explain your objective. Mention where you will feature your case study.
  • Determine the right candidate for your case study. Get permission, quotes, and other features that can make your case study an effective one. Get in touch with your candidate and examine the candidate’s situation and write down what caused it.
  • Identify which consequences could result from the situation. Grab some information from credible sources on how to start a case study. Seek out crucial facts and highlight problems.
  • Focus on various key issues, such as why they exist, and they influence your research subject. Ponder over several unique solutions. When writing a case study focuses on the effective solution and explores it in depth.
The rubric

Every case study rubric has the same rubric, although your instructor wants to look at slightly different criteria. Your instructor wants you to demonstrate the following outcomes:

  • Appropriately identify the concept, theory, and practice in the discipline.
  • Spot the relevant theories and principles related to the particular study.
  • Identify the global importance and contribution of your case.
  • Analyze legal and ethical principles and apply them to your decision-making.
  • Develop a coherent summary and explanation of the study.
  • Display analytical and critical skills.
  • Combine theory and practice of the discipline within the analysis.
Case study outline

Introduction: Your introduction should introduce to the reader clearly what you are going to discuss. You should have a clear idea of what you are about to write.

Body paragraphs: In this section, you should start discussing the case study. You should determine the number of paragraphs required for each question. Present a strong argument. Each paragraph should carry one vital point. Writing headings can help you pen answers clearer and often assist in avoiding repetition.

Conclusion: Your conclusion needs to draw all essential points together that you have made in the body of your assignment. Your professor will read the last part of your assignment before grading you, so spend adequate time on it.