How To Write A Change Management Case Study?

Change happens when an organization notices that its structures, principles, and strategies, are no longer as effective as they should be. Organizations across the world are confronted with change and the question, of how to manage it. Organizational change comes about because organizations need to stay relevant and competitive in their respective industry. Organizational change management consists of any systematic approach with the sole purpose of enhancing organization’s goals, procedures, and strategies from a current undesirable position to a better-performing future position. Simultaneously it helps the people at the organization to accept and adapt to the transition. So, understanding the change management techniques is not easy for students and writing a case study on change management is one of the challenging tasks for students.


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Change Management Case Study

An overview on change management –

Change management is a concept that comes under Human Resources. It refers to the techniques, processes, and tools to make a new atmosphere for the people of the organization for better outcomes. Every organization requires a change for better outcomes where more job opportunities and roles arise. There are several reasons for adopting change and some of them are mentioned below:

  • To enhance the overall performance of the company
  • To respond to the rapidly changing environment
  • To improve the efficiency and effectiveness
  • To improve the employee performance
  • To quickly responds to the customers’ demand
  • To create the best practices inside the organization and set new standards for the industry
  • To increase profitability and return on overall investment

Change management is essential for an organization’s survival in the new business world. Hence, a company needs to adopt change management techniques to maintain its worth in the industry.

The best time in an organization to apply change management

Organizational change management is needed whenever the companies need to change one or more of their primary objective to improve effectiveness. Some of the most common situations include the following:

  • Updating policies and procedures to improve and optimize processes
  • Change of management and leadership
  • Producing a new product and or service features
  • Company merging or acquisitions
  • The implementation of new technologies and procedures to optimize production
  • The implementation of work culture and program
  • Unexpected crisis due to economic/socio-political issues

In simple words whenever a company needs to change the way it works and requires employees to do their job differently is an appropriate time to apply change management.

Steps for applying change management—

Several changes may take place within an organization but the most crucial factor is the potential of the firm to influence the employees of the organization to adapt to these changes. These factors need to be integrated into the change management case study assignment paper. The below steps need to be implemented to apply the organization’s change effectively:

  1. The first step is to recognize the changes within the business environment
  2. The second step is the modifications that are significant in the firm are to be established.
  3. The third is the employees need to be trained as per the appropriate changes.
  4. Lastly, the companies should be able to have employees’ trust with regards to acceptance of appropriate changes.