Business Case Study Analysis

The case study analysis activity is a typical assignment in business management courses. This case study’s objective is to show students the correct method of analysis of a situation, identify the problem, and provide with the best possible strategy to achieve the desired outcome.

A case study analysis is an easiest and open-ended answer, received usually from a practical business situation in case you are placed in the commanding position of the management. In this situation you are to deal with the problem, and at the same time, try to solve the business-related problem. Such business situation often feeds incomplete data from the related company. You also cannot request or avail, additional information from outside of the case study subject which is being written, and presented in the case study document being published.

It needs to be organized from the beginning of the writing. If the approach is known while writing the case analysis, it will be easier to present your analysis and at the same time maintaining the sanity and to obtain a good grade. Before presenting the analysis you have to carefully read your case study writeup and should carry out some research before writing your business case study analysis. However, the first thing to understand the issue of an analysis of a case study that you are writing.

How To Analyse Business Case Study With High Quality?

A business case study is considered as a written proposal that is intended to educate a decision-maker of a company and convince him by making an analytical approach to take some kind of decision. The case study analysis when written, the document itself is frequently referred as a business case.

Speaking very simply, a business case could be a suggestive document. Short-term measures taken may lead to instant, accountable and substantial benefits are generally can be argued easily. For example, if it is observed by a restaurant’s manager that the business earning is not enough on Sunday evenings to meet the operational costs, Manager can inform that situation to the owner and this may be enough to make the business case decide close the restaurant at 5 p.m. on every Sunday.

In case of complicated issues, a business case should present a carefully written document that would  provides the reader with valuable information  about the business risks and rewards that may be owned by taking action or not taking action as the case may be. A well-drafted business case study paper may reveal approaches that may be feasible to the client so as responsible parties may choose the best option that will serve the organization best.

Business Case Study Analysis Format

Executive summary

For high-level Management study, the writing must be in a condensed form and simple language and briefly written so that it is easy to understand by the Management. The problem that proposed project needs to be solved is:

  • possible innovative solutions,
  • the expected outcome,
  • resources that are needed to achieve the desired result and
  • The expected return on investment (ROI) and the break-even point.
  • A brief explanation of the problems that may be faced
  • The major issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Techno-economic Analysis of the situation

This section shall contain more contexts, explain its origin and what will be the impact if no action is taken. The conclusion will be mentioned in the next section.

  1. Alternative Options: Here, the writer identifies potential solutions to the problem and provides sufficient detail that can be understood easily
  2. Cost-benefit: This section evaluates the costs and benefits for each potential option, including the proposed one to the problem and any alternatives if any.
  3. Recommendation: Here a recommendation should be addressed out of the issue described.
  4. Project proposal:-This provides details about how the recommended solution will be implemented. It includes information about the project’s scope as well as possible constraints and estimates for required resources, including manpower, time schedule and project cost estimate.

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