Case Study Methodology

A case study is a detailed study of an individual, business, organization, institution, family group, community etc and it focuses attention on a single unit in a comprehensive manner. Case study analysis is mainly used to examine theoretical models by utilizing them in real-world situations. The sole aim of such analysis is to discover the influencing factors of a specific social unit and the connection between these factors and the social unit. In order to analyze a case, you can go for various case study methodologies but before doing anything else, you should read and study the case very well. Also, you need to take important notes and proceed further. Sometimes, you are required to review the case several times in order to completely comprehend the issues in an organization. The analysis of a case starts at this juncture only. Given below is a case study methodology that is employed to formulate a good case study analysis.

Investigate The Case First:

If you are investigating a company, look into the past and present history of the company and its recent trends that indicate where the organization is likely to go. In addition, you should also examine the company’s founding, how it was constructed, who founded it, what it has done, what were the important incidents, what it has done extraordinarily etc.

Look At The Pluses And Minuses:

You should make use of the information gathered in the previous step and create a list of value creation functions that the company does display. Some companies are strong in marketing area while some others are weak in that respect. So, it is important to take notes of the pluses and minuses of the company and know its standing at that point.

Study The External Environment:

A case study analysis involves the study of the company and its external environment too. There are various threats and opportunities in the instant external environment of the organization too. So, you should scrutinize the competition from other companies and substitute products in a detailed way.


You should examine all the gathered details comprehensively here and compare the strengths and weaknesses along with the threats and opportunities. With the help of such analysis, you can get to know the standing of the company in the competitive market and realize where it needs to make certain changes, how to analyze the points, how to compete effectively etc.

Analyse Implementations :


This step of the case study analysis involves how the company implements its structure and control system. Analyze how this works in the company, including employee rewards, the hierarchy of management, changes in the organization and any issues that are important and possibly unique to the company.

Suggest Recommendations:

This is the last phase of the case study analysis and it is totally based on the previously collected details. If you do have any good and valid recommendations regarding your case study, you can provide them here.

Before start writing your case, know every single detail of the case studyanalysis and give yourself enough time to analyze it and write the case study.Also, it is suggested not to be partial in your evaluations. Once you are donewith your case study analysis, proofread it twice or thrice and then submit it. Contact My Case Study Help for Excellent Quality.