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Business Economics is a subject that is mainly taken by business study and business administration students. It deals with the economics of business organization, market structure, and strategic behavior. Most students lack a specific interest in economics and find it difficult to contextualize. A business economics case study allows you to understand real-world organizational problems and how they can be addressed. To get the management to approve a project, it is crucial to develop a business case that displays why the project is needed and what its benefits will be when it is finalized.

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What is a business economics case study?

The business economics case is a process to analyze the business opportunities, project stages, alternatives, and financial investment to recommend the best course of action that will create business value. A business case helps decision-makers understand why a special project needs to be completed and how they should do so. A business economics case study allows organizations to understand project options and what each option will cost in terms of money, time, and opportunities lost or gained.

How To Write a Business Economics Case Study Assignment in MBA?

Writing a MBA business economics case enables you to take an authentic approach to crucially analyze the opportunities, alternatives, several stages of projects, and financial investment to make a recommendation for the best course of action in order to create the business value. Preparing a business economics case helps in increasing the benefits and value of the project and reduces its risks. A business case is needed when you are required to:

  • Exhibit the value of a proposed product and service
  • Get investment approval from the board or management
  • Determine whether to outsource a particular function
  • Prioritize projects within the organization that are competing for funding and resources
  • Relocate manufacturing facilities and business operations
  • Secure the resources and financial funding to implement the project.

By writing the business case with excellence, you can efficiently present the recommendation to the stakeholder whose support is required for approval. The business economics case provides the confidence and the level of certainty that the considered proposal will be successful.

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The business economics case begins the discussion about the required funding for a potential investment project. This document communicates high-level information relevant to the key decision. Creating a business economics case provides the real advantages:

  • The purpose of the business economics case is to outline the plan of organization for the project.
  • It helps in identifying and evaluating alternatives and comparing their relative costs and benefits.
  • It is considered a tool for strategic planning and decision-making.
  • It enhances the likelihood of the project’s success.
  • It aligns stakeholders’ expectations to the project’s approach, outcomes, and benefits of the initiative.
  • It can be turned into a project plan, and it shows how to apply the project resources.
  • It describes the risks and opportunities associated with the recommendation.
  • The justification provides a detailed breakdown of the revenue, costs, and net impact of the investment, exhibiting the case for investment.

What Are The Different Types of Business Case Studies At MBA Level?

Business cases can be of different types. For any business case, there are various stakeholders, and these stakeholders come from different departments within a business and have different fields of interest in the projects. Business cases can be presented from different perspectives such as:

  • The Economic Case Study
  • The Strategic Case Study
  • The Commercial Case Study
  • The Financial Case Study
  • The Management Case Study
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The procedure of making a business economics case is crucial. A well-executed process enables you to create a compelling business economics case that enhances the benefits and value and descends risks. The five key steps are given below to make a strong business economics case:

Confirm the opportunity: Explain the situation and business opportunities that your proposal will impact. It involves the background to the project, investment logic, and high-level business requirements.

Analyze and create shortlisted options: First, identify the alternative approaches and then choose suitable and appropriate options to analyze. Collect information about each alternative and, by analyzing, develop the shortlisted option.

Evaluate the shortlisted option: Evaluate the options to know how they will deliver the business objectives, quantify the advantage of each potential solution, then select the preferred option.

Implementing the strategy: Develop the implementation plan for the preferred option, defining how to attain the business objectives, the resources required, and how to mitigate the project risks.

Recommendation: Accomplish the business economics case and present the business case recommendation to the board or management team for approval to proceed.

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