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Pestle Analysis Assignment Help


The pestle analysis helps in identifying the factors that may cause changes in the business market. This model is applied to most scenarios when a business plans to move into the foreign and when the decision of expansion needs to be taken. Any business decisions rely on the factors in the environment in which the business thrives. The method pestle analysis is used to analyze such environmental factors’ influence on business. It gives a detailed view of the entire condition from a wide range of points that one needs to analyze while thinking about a specific design.


The primary reason to use this framework is following:

  1. Determining the growth of a company: The Pestle analysis assists in identifying the prospective customers of an organization. It serves as a business management tool.
  2. Understanding eh external environment: Controlling the external environment for any organization is a hard nut to crack. With the help of Pestle analysis, the management can get a sound understanding or a better idea of how the external factors affect the organization’s development.
  3. Transforming the business: If an organization targets a new market or opens a new branch at different venues with different political and social environments, Pestle analysis helps determine how the organization transforms its business for a new requirement.
  4. Decision making: The Pestle analysis helps a company understand all the macro-environmental factors that can affect growth, business and marketing environment, customer engagement. And it helps in making critical decisions about the company and its marketing strategies.

PESTLE Analysis Case Study For MBA/Management Students

Political: Political factors refer to the weight and opening brought by political establishments and to what degree the government policies influence the business. It determines the extent to which government may affect a certain economy or industry. A legislature may force another tax because the whole income-creating structure of association may change. Some of the political factors include the ideology of the government, the level of stability, the decision-making process, and the effect on policy-making.

The economic factors are metrics that decide the economic health of a country. Some of the examples are GDP, budget, economic policy, fiscal policy, import and export policy, etc.

Economic: This factor is the component of economic performance that impacts the company and leaves long-term effects. For example, an increase in inflation may affect the influence of an organization’s product and services alongside the consumer purchasing power, which changes the demand-supply in the economy. The factor encompasses inflation rate, exchange rate, economic growth, interest rate, employment rates, and consumer disposable income.

Social: These factors analyze the social condition of the market and measure determinants like social patterns, populace examination, socio-economics, and so forth. Socio-culture factors include the mutual conviction and states of mind of the population. These factors include population growth, health consciousness, age distribution, career attitudes and etc.

Technological: It relates to the advancement in innovation, which may affect the operations of the business and the market. This indicates automation, development, research, and the measure of mechanical mindfulness that a market possesses. It is known to all how quickly the technological landscape changes and how this influences the way we display our items. Technological factors affect promotion and the administration in three different ways:

  • Better methodologies for providing goods and services
  • Better approaches for broadcasting products and ventures
  • Better techniques to speak to the target markets

Legal: Legal factors possess both internal and external sides. There are certain laws that affect the business condition in a particular nation, while there are certain strategies that organizations keep for themselves. Legal factors incorporate health and safety, advertising standards, consumer rights and laws, item marking, and item security. Simply organizations need to identify what is and what isn’t lawful, keeping in mind the final objective to trade effectively. For instance, security principles, work laws, customer laws, etc., these factors influence how a company operates its cost and demand for its products.

Environmental: It includes every one of those that impact or are dedicated by the surrounding environment. This factor is important for specific ventures, especially for farming, agriculture, tourism, etc. It has turned out to be imperative because of an increasing shortage of raw materials, working together as a moral and maintainable organization, pollution targets, carbon impression targets set by the government, factors of a business ecological investigation anyway are not constrained by the environment, geographical area, climate, natural balance, worldwide changes in the atmosphere and so on.

Advantages of Pestle Analysis For Business?

  • It is cost-effective: You do not need to do any expense for conducting pestle analysis. It can be beneficial for your business in a short span of time.
  • It gives an in-depth understanding: The pestle analysis helps you consider different factors that can affect your business directly or indirectly. It promotes strategic thinking for a good understanding of strategic planning.
  • It makes you alert: You can analyze some of your products and marketing plans through pestle analysis. You can make a new plan to develop a bond with the customers, and this way, you become more proactive about your business.
  • It helps in identifying opportunities: Identifying opportunities and availing it helps your business. Opportunities are the external factors. Hence it is significant for you to do the pestle analysis of the external environment. It enables you to identify the market trends and makes you learn what your competitors do to survive.
Pestle Analysis Assignment PDF, Samples And Examples For MBA Students

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