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Introduction: (300 words)

Identify a policy that needs to be developed or redeveloped in your workplace ” school ”. Briefly describe the importance and purpose of the policy and introduce the site for which the policy is designed.

Cultural analysis: (600 words) Define the term “organisational culture’ as it applies to your cultural context. Critically analyse the complexities of your chosen organization’s vision, values and culture and what aspects of the culture will impact on the development of the particular policy.

Policy analysis: (600 words) Justify why this policy is necessary. Analyse for policy by reviewing the literature to identify best practice for the particular change situation that is initiated by your chosen policy. State which approach to policy analysis is informing your critique.

Implications and Recommendations: (500 words) From your analysis, conclude with implications this policy will have for leaders, and make recommendations or principles that you believe should guide an implementation strategy.