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Phase 2 Objective: To design a relevant EMR customization/module based on the OpenEMR system implemented in Phase 1 (total of 125 points)

  1. Analyze and design 3 relevant EMR customizations/modules based on the OpenEMR system you installed in Phase 1.
  1. Submit 3 proposed customizations/modules to EMR based on a selected medical office, clinic, or hospital that you are familiar with. If you have no familiarity, you must research a local health firm.
  1. Use an industry standard, such as UML, for each of the 3 customizations/modules, and include 14 relevant analysis diagrams (e.g. activity diagrams, class diagrams, an entity relationship diagram, sequence diagrams, information systems architecture diagram, and state machine diagrams).

You are also able to use more of a narrative and mock-up diagrams in this part of the assignment, if you are not familiar with UML. You will still need to consider what data, fields, user interface design and layout would be needed for your proposed customization. Be sure to include the same number of mock-up diagrams (14) or other visuals to support your proposal.

  1. Create a proposal that supports each of these 3 customizations/modules. Each customization/module must be at least 2 pages, totaling at least 6 pages, include at least 4 scholarly references, and be in current APA format.
  1. Include the various analysis diagrams from step 3 as appendices to the proposal.