(Get Answer) Final Project – Phase 3 Instructions, EMR Module Diagrams

Phase 3 Objective: To physically instantiate the database objects needed to support the newly designed EMR customizations/modules and to create user interface mock-up diagrams of the new customizations/modules (total of 125 points)

  1. Translate EMR customization/module diagrams into the correct and relevant database tables and objects. Each table must be fully functional and properly designed to enforce referential integrity and make proper use of database views, indexing, stored procedures, etc.

If you are not familiar with database entity relationship diagrams or database design in general, you are also able to use more of a narrative to describe the data needed to support your proposal. If this option is chosen, be sure to describe the relationships between the different data needed to support your proposed workflow.

  1. Create user interface mock-up diagrams to show how different users based on their role (physician, nurse, administrative support, medical assistant, etc.) would navigate through the user interface for the different functions that would be needed to support the business.

  1. Include all of the minimum functions needed to support the use cases of the EMR customizations/modules. At relevant places, denote which stored procedures and database tables would be invoked for each particular function.

  1. Include all relevant menus, interface panes, and related secondary screens in order to accomplish the purpose of each of the 3 EMR customizations/modules. There must be a total of at least 6 user interface diagrams (at least 2 for each of the 3 EMR customizations/modules).

  1. Implement at least 1 of the customization/module’s user interfaces and show this implementation using screenshots of the system with a visible time and date from your computer.

  1. Create an executive summary that is at least 2 pages to support the user interface guiding design principles. The executive summary must be in current APA format and all user interface diagrams must be in appendices.

  1. Submit screenshots of the database objects and the executive summary with accompanying appendices in the Final Project – Phase 3 assignment in Blackboard.