Human Resource Management & SBS–MBA/MSC Assignment–2

Answer All the Questions

1.) The Manager of the Finance Department has asked you to carry out a Job Analysis of other employees in your department.

  • Briefly explain what is meant by the term Job Analysis.
  • Briefly explain the 4 stages involved in carrying out a job analysis.
  • Identify and briefly explain the information you would expect to collect during the job analysis investigation.

 2. )  Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. (Wegmans), a US-based regional supermarket chain, was listed by Fortune as one of the 100 ‘Best Companies to Work For’ every year from 1998 to 2017 (Refer to Exhibit I). In 2017, Wegmans figured second on the list. According to a 2016 Consumer Reports survey, Wegmans was the only chain among the 68 supermarket chains to receive top scores for freshness, baked goods, and overall experience. Being a great company to work for had translated into good business results for it as well. “Results like these are only possible because of our people and because we are paying attention to the things that matter most to our customers,” said Danny Wegman, the chain’s CEO, in 2015.Founded by two brothers, Walter Wegman (Walter) and John Wegman (John), Wegmans was started at Rochester, New York. Walter worked in their parents’ grocery store while John sold produce from a push cart. In 1916, the brothers opened ‘Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company’ at their home. In the 1920s, the store moved to a new location and expanded its product range to become a fully-fledged grocery store that sold fresh produce, bakery goods, and canned goods. The store even had a small cafeteria.Wegmans stores carried a wide range of products, with 50,000 to 70,000 products being stocked as against the 40,000 that average grocery stores had. The average Wegmans stores offered a café, a restaurant, sushi bar, a café, a bakery, a pharmacy, and a floral shop. The different product offerings attracted customers, who could enjoy a leisurely shopping experience while being treated like royalty. The customers were encouraged to smell food and see food being cooked or baked. Wegmans emphasized the importance of serving fresh food to its customers. Inventory turnover at the company was as often as 100 times in a year, while for an average US store, it was between 18 and 20 times a year…

  • What is organizational Empowerment?
  • What are the strategies adopted for a good Empowerment.
  • List out some of the Top Empowerment Activities followed in UK.
  • Explain in detail about the Obstacles in Empowerment.

3.) Explain in detail about Employee Engagement in an Organization. Give Suitable
examples also.

4.) Auto Access had landed several new contracts that required a lot of additional manpower at different phases of their growth. In a span of 6 weeks they had to hire 20 new employees and another 450 more in a year. Their HR department was itself understaffed to manage such a huge staffing process. Hence Auto Access decided to hire a new HR staffing 1fficer to hire and manage the new overhaul of new employees. Their HR manager Rhonda Thomas was quick- to appoint Georgia as the new Staffing officer. This was where it all went wrong for Auto Access. Rhonda Thomas was too quick- to appoint Georgia for the position without even doing any of the things expected to fill out a position

  • Explain in detail how HR Manager would have recruited the Staffing Officer.
  • Explain in detail about the Process of Recruitment with examples.

5.) Explain in detail about the Following:

  • Why the Organization Requires a change and what are the three steps in Organizational Change.
  • Explain in detail about Resistance and reasons for the reduction of resistance to change.

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