How To Approach A Case Study?

Case study writing has an approach to adopt real-life achievement to solve the problems faced by a client. The approach of case study writing needs the following criteria:

  • Formulation of an exhaustive structure of information that will guide the students all along the case study writing help as well as at the time of interview effectively and efficiently. The structure ideally states where to concentrate to derive the solution of the problem
  • This involves development you need to collect at the earliest on a priority basis. This involves an application of the 80/20 rule to identify which answer will be given to what question to gain the biggest impact on the case study solution at 80/20 rule, alternately applying the Pareto Principle.
  • It involves extensive data collection and to be aware of the purpose why you need the information and to draw effective conclusions which would ultimately help you get to the solution.

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A student faces a case study interview, only for data collection from the Interviewer. Hence, it is a vital thing that students make an open bi-directional communication and exclusively to create their rapport with the interviewer. This is a very important issue.

You should prepare a checklist containing the vital points to ensure that you ask only relevant information and talk with the interviewer in a professional manner about your extent of requirement of a particular piece of data. This should be done in an open and transparent way as far as possible and think out loud to let the interviewer know you’re thinking process including your current hypothesis. The Interviewer will likely provide verbal information or charts based on your checklist.

To become successful in writing a case study it is required to set the database initially by following the steps as stated below:

  • Review the checklist questions to become sure that you understood the basic problem of your subject of the case study by. You should ask your requirements by confirming the interviewer that you have understood your requirements. This should be done before the question-answer session. Repetition of queries should be avoided. It should be rearranged in such a way that it avoids misunderstandings. This is a very vital issue in your professional life.
  • You should be able to clarify your target queries before asking specific questions. Do not attempt to solve all the questions at once, instead, break the problem into pieces and solve one piece at a time. This will allow you to stay focused.
  • Write out your structure first, ask for some minutes to refresh your structure since this part is extremely important and determines whether you will succeed in solving the case.

Try to understand the trends of the company, industry and product by asking:

  • firm’s business model,
  • the state of the competition and its substitutes,
  • The firm’s position within the industry, and the product.
  • About the current situation of the client
  • Changes that took place from previous years
  • What is the financial situation of the company?

Business model

Ask questions about the business model. That should include:

  • The size of the company
  • Whether it is profitable and growing
  • The function of a typical business transaction in a company
  • Process description with some crucial production steps?

For the cases related to Industry:

  • Ask about the point of the lifecycle
  • About its configuration?
  • Names of the key players?
  • Names of the suppliers?
  • Know about the client’s position relative to other firms?
  • Change of regulations, if any
  • Names of the major substitute products?
  • What is the plan of marketing?

Queries related to the Product:

  • The exact specification of the product?
  • The lifecycle of the product?
  • Is it still in the development phase or not?
  • How is the brand reputation?
  • How do competitors’ products perform in comparison? What are their strengths/weaknesses?
  • What does the product consist of? What are the parts and where are they sourced?

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