How To Prepare A Case Study Assignment?

College life is full of academic events and responsibilities that must be met within the time. A case study assignment requires a student to be prepared and familiar with the topic to achieve whatever goal he has in mind. To start writing a case study, you need to have a sufficient investigation of every problem, identify the available alternative solution, and provide the recommendation of the best solution supported with the evidence. A case study is concerned with the assignment that requires students to identify the issues or problems in a scenario to showcase their developing knowledge of theories and policies to make decisions and recommendations to solve some of the issues in that scenario.


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What is a case study assignment, and what are the different types of case study assignments?

A case study is an efficient way to apply theories that you have learned in your college. It is an account of a person or an organization that consists of a real-life or a hypothetical situation and involves complexities that one is likely to encounter in the workplace. In short, a case study is an in-depth study of an individual, situation, event, or organization. In a case study report, you need to evaluate a business dilemma, explore all available solutions, and recommend the best appropriate approach using supporting evidence.


When you are writing a case study, first, you need to understand what types of case studies you are dealing with. It comes in different forms ranges from academic research to corporate provision of proof points. There are primarily four types of case studies, and that is:

  • An illustrative case study that focuses on the description of events
  • Cumulative case studies that show collective information comparison
  • Exploratory case studies are investigative in nature
  • Critical case studies that analyze a specific subject with cause and effect outcomes
  • Take time to read through the case study assignment and the questions
  • Identify the case study’s problems and issues.
  • Combine the dots between theory and application.
  • Make an effective and best possible strategy for responding.
  • Start writing the answer to your case study.
  • Edit and proofread your case study assignment.
  • Submit your work to your college.


How To Prepare A Case Study Assignment

How to write answers to the case study?

Write an introduction: Your introduction must be clear to your reader what subject and method you should use to address it in your assignment. You must give the context when writing the case study introduction. Taking our assignment Help, Start by posing a question or writing a quote for someone you spoke with. You should write the purpose of the case study and its importance. You should provide why this case is being written and how it applies to problems and issues.


Write the paragraph body: This is the section where you start discussing the case study. In the body, you should provide the appropriate approach to the problem, clarify the suggested solution, and support it with the proper evidence. Mention the significant theoretical principles concerning the research finding. You should decide the number of paragraphs required for every question on the basis of how much discussions involve in addressing each question.


Write the conclusion: It is the final part of your case where you need to mention all essential points you have mentioned in the body of the paragraph. It should make the readers understand what happened to a person, community, or circumstance. It must ensure that all the problems and solutions are addressed and answered appropriately.


What should be the format of your case study?

  • Executive summary: In this, you need to describe what you are going to analyze in this case study. Write an overview of the field you are investigating.
  • Background: Write background and most relevant facts.
  • Case evaluation: Describe the study you are focusing on and write why something is working or not.
  • Proposed solution: Provide realistic ways to solve what is not working and how to improve the current situation.
  • Conclusion: Write all the key points from the case evaluation and proposed solution.
  • Recommendation: Write about the strategy and approach you applied and explain why it is appropriate.
  • References: Mention all citations. References help in making the work more reliable.