How To Prepare A Case Study Presentation?

Creating case study has always been challenging for college students because it requires great effort, skills, and lots of time that a majority of the students struggle with it. Therefore, they take assignment help from professionals to create their case study assignment. A case study is a story about something special that is related to the person, group, event, place, processes, programs, and institutions. It tells the story behind a specific result and the reason behind its occurrence. The case study offers a detailed picture of what happened and why it happened in the given context.


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There are several types of case studies:

  • Explanatory case studies
  • Descriptive case studies
  • Instrumental case studies
  • Exploratory case studies
  • Collective case studies

What is a case study, and what is its purpose?

A case study defines specific challenges a business and institution faces, and the solution has been selected to solve them. Case studies differ in length and focus on multiple details related to initial challenges and applied solutions. It can be presented in various forms. In a case study, all aspects of the subject’s life and history are evaluated to get patterns and causes of behaviors. A case study is a situation in a particular professional sense which students must analyze and react to. The purpose of a successful case study is to get the desired objective and ensure readers understand the motive of the case.


How To Prepare A Case Study Presentation

How to prepare a case study presentation?

Performing research: When you start writing your case, the first essential thing is to do sufficient research. Reading different sources and evaluating other points of view help you come up with a more creative and effective solution. Think of what you have discussed in class and find out if you have questions during your reading. Your research process involves the following tasks:

  • You need to mention why you are conducting the case study; you must define your objective. Mention where you will feature your case studies, like in written, video, infographic, or podcast.
  • Decide who will be the suitable candidate for your case study. Attain permission and other features that make your case study effective. You need to get in touch with your candidate to study his/her situation and note down what caused it.
  • Recognize the several consequences that could result from the situation. Consult your professor and surf the web to find some information that you could find helpful.
  • List reliable sources and analyzing them. Grab important facts and highlight problems. Note down your ideas and ensure to brainstorm.
  • Focus on various issues, just like why they exist and how they influence your research subject.
Start composing answers to your case study

The introduction: The introduction should make clear to the reader and set the stage for the case study. The introduction should clearly articulate the study’s intention and what you are going to discuss in your case study. Keep in mind that a case study must be read and understood by a person and read as a story with a clear narrative. An ideal introduction should be in a paragraph containing 1-5 sentences.


The background: It must describe the case and their background information. The background section must provide the readers a complete understanding of the issues. While writing the background, researchers must describe the research methods used and why. The type of research used depends on the type of case study. It is essential to provide the right amount and source of information as you want to get your readers informed.


The presentation of findings: The presentation of findings should clearly describe how the topic is researched and summarized and what the results are. Data should be summarized simply so that it is easily understandable by the people. The researcher needs to explain what is learned from the interviews. When writing the case study, it is crucial to set up the scene. The writer should provide the relevant facts and explain the key points.


The conclusion: It is the final part of the study. The final summary should be the end story. One should spend adequate time on it as it is the essential and informative part of the study