How To Write A Case Study?

Case study assignment writing is an important task for the undergraduate student of college and Universities. It requires them to carry out good research work on the case study subject. Students are also expected to write about an appropriate solution to the problems associated with the case study topic.

In the case study document, students should explain the research study and analysis done by them. Students should also write their observations about the subject of study. Students learn a lot about the case while carrying out research accompanied by literature survey and data collection. Thus by writing a case study, students can learn a lot about the subject and able to discover various ways and means to solve the issues related to the topic.

Once sufficient information is collected and data generated, you may write the draft report after proper analysis.

Structure of the draft case study document to be followed is given below:

  • Introduction
  • thesis statement, a summary of the outcome of your analysis
  • Relevant background information and data to be written that are the most important issues.
  • Proper presentation of your research work in the case study report.
  • Evaluation of the Case study: Outline the various pieces of the case study that you are focusing on. Evaluate these pieces by discussing what is useful and what is not.

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In the beginning, the following guidelines are to be followed and applied systematically while writing a case study. This will reward the student in writing the case study document that will fetch high grade. The following guidelines may help to write a good case study by the student:

  1. An extensive study of reference documents, literature survey, and  investigation of the Case
  2. Collection of necessary data and proper documentation of the same that will help in writing the case study
  3. Relevant information to be highlighted and key areas to be identified while writing on the case topic.
  4. Analysis of the case study subject with a focus on the main issues is desired.
  5. To study and Identify the multiple numbers of key problems related to the case study such as :
  • Reasons for the problems
  • Their impact on the organization
  • Identifying the persons who are responsible for them
  • Suggesting the Best possible Solution to avoid reoccurrence
  • Considering strong supporting evidence, pros, and cons of the solution etc.

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