How to Write a Business Case Study?

What is a business Case Study? A business case study assignment is a written valued proposition that is intended to educate a decision-maker and convince him to take some kind of action. It is considered as a spoken suggestion. Simply speaking, a business case could be a spoken statement to take short-term actions resulting in instant, measurable and substantial benefits that are easiest to argue with.

Key components of the business case study analysis are:

The key components related to a business case study analysis are in multiple numbers, which are:

  1. The problem: One of the impressive appeals of business case studies is that they concentrate on real-life problems.
  2. Solution: The Solution Section part essentially characterise the case for the business product or business services.
  3. Result: This is most important of the lessons learned and milestones in the product implementation.

How to Write A Business Plan in Good Manner?

Briefly speaking, the business case study should have best- and worst-case issues like:

  • Operating cost
  • Cash-flow related statement
  • Profit-and-loss account statement with projection
  • Projections of sales

This category of case studies is usually a summary writing of a real-life business situation or fictitious accounts of business status. Business case plan can display business models and theories and present the application of such theory in a professional and documented manner.

For more complex cases, this category of study must provide in a carefully crafted presentation of a business condition that must be carefully constructed and documented and provides the reader with important information related to various business. The cases may be both favourable and unfavourable about the risks and rewards involved in taking suitable action related to the business. A phenomenal quality of business case explores all feasible approaches to a given problem so that responsible parties can select which option serves the organization best.

Prime components of a business case should include:

  • Executive summary
  • Statement of the problem
  • Analysis of the situation
  • Options
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Recommendation

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