How To Write A Conflict Management Case Study?

Conflict management is the practice of identifying and dealing with disputes in a rational, balanced and proper way. It is implemented within the business organization that involves effective communication, problem-solving abilities, and effective negotiating skill to achieve organizational objectives. Management students are taught to tackle conflict in the workplace throughout their academic year of learning. Conflict management is a significant topic covered in management. It teaches students to look at existing situations from a different angle. Moreover, it teaches students to develop a strategy that safeguards the interest of people working in the organization, and simultaneously it helps them learn how to prioritize their tasks according to the requirements of the organization.


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Conflict Management Case Study

Overview on conflict management case study

Conflict management is regarded as the method of pointing and dealing with disputes and disagreements in an unbiased and effective manner. It happens when people perceive due to disagreement, there is a threat to their requirements, interest, or concern. Conflict is a normal part of organizational life and it gives several opportunities for growth through improves understanding and insights. When more than one individual is involved in any situation conflict can arise. There are various strategies are implemented within business organizations to manage conflict. With the help of these strategies, managers are able to better deal with conflicts.

Every member in a workplace is always eager to show their skills and talent this can lead to conflicts. Other reasons that lead to conflicts are:

  • Work evaluation
  • Lack of information
  • The environmental change of the workplace
  • Proceedings took by a supervising team
  • Personal matters

Writing a case study in conflict management is challenging because it involves analytical and problem-solving abilities. Students have to first identify the problem and then come to a conclusion. They need to implement a strategy that must be practical and workable. Conflict management is a subject that not only helps the students become better managers but it also polishes the problem-solving qualities in students.

Significant strategies to deal with the conflicts

There are some significant strategies that managers in the organization implement to better deal with the conflicts within the organization. Such significant strategies are given below:

  • Accommodating: This strategy involves the action of adjusting between conflicting parties. This type of strategy is used in delegating controversial decisions and not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings. It can be effective when victory is impossible, controversy is trivial, or when others are in a better position to solve the problem.
  • Collaborating: It is one of the most effective strategies. Through this style of strategy, conflict managers draw some seriously required and suitable requirements of each party and collaborate to give it space for development. It helps to find a creative solution that is acceptable to everyone.
  • Compromising: When each conflicting party has the same standard then the strategy of compromising is applicable. This strategy is useful when both parties have equivalent power.
  • Competitive: Through this strategy one side wins and the other losses. This strategy works in a certain number of conflicts such as emergencies and fast decision-making situations. The emergency demands instant resolutions, conflicts can be resolved, if the best party is decided. It is done by competing against each other and also resolves the small case.