How To Write A Law Case Study Assignment?

Law case study assignment is not considered as easy ones for university students. It isn’t easy because it requires effective skills to write the extensive research and analysis involved in the case study by appropriately arranging the gathered data. The term ‘case study’ indicates the detailed analysis of an occurrence, event, or group. Law case study is concerned with researching a particular case that has already been settled mutually between parties and the court of law. It helps students gain effective learning by themselves and know the diverse court proceedings, which facilitates them to understand the various laws that can be used for the presentation of the case.


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The overview on law case study assignment

A law case study assignment is an extensive and detailed analysis; it studies an individual, group, or social phenomena. You need to conduct a study on a case that has already been solved. In addition, it investigates a problem, identifies alternative solutions with supporting evidence. A case study enables you to determine the success or failure of any law case. Through a law case study, students can understand how a court proceeding operates and how a judge solves a case. It increases students’ critical thinking abilities as well as enhances their situation analysis.


How To Write Law Case Study Assignment

Steps to structure your law case study

Step1: Read carefully to understand the case

If you have identified the case in which you need to study, you must be ready to solve the paper. But before that, check if the case fulfills the following criteria:

  • Give new insights into the subject you are studying
  • Propose practical courses and clear directions to perform future tests
  • Challenge the existing theories

If you do not have a grasp of the subject, you can’t write a case study. You must have an understanding of what you are going to cover entirely. Read the case study facts and opinions and then analyze the situation carefully. You need to take a short note and highlight the key points that will help you tackle the case. You should also analyze the fundamental problems.


Step2: Focus your analysis

You have to analyze the fundamental problems when you write a law case study. Why do they exist, what are the impacts, and who is accountable for this problem? Once you focus on these issues, you will be going in the right direction of the case. You need to discuss all sets of questions.


Step3: Discus the synopsis in your own words

Writing a summary is crucial as it means you have understood the case entirely. You should explain all the characters of your story chronologically and the issues they bring to the table. You need to discuss in your own words to get clarity while writing this section. Based on the case you are handling, some cases require you to give the background context initially.


Step4: Problems or issues

You can’t solve a case without discovering issues present in it. There must be an issue that requires a solution. You need to study the case carefully to discover the issues. One case may have several issues; hence you need to discuss the problems separately.


Step5: Unravel the possible solutions

You should find out the best solution that fits your needs. You can identify a possible solution by reviewing course reading, your own experiences, and recalling discussions. Brainstorming is the best way to find some possible solution. And after selecting the best solution, examine the strength and weaknesses of your answers. And provide it with supporting evidence.


Step6: The rule of law

This step is essential to enable you to attain the results you want. You have to determine the rule of law you do in your case study. Find the appropriate rule of law for each issue you discover. You need to review each rule of law carefully.


Step7: Analysis

You need to analyze the case to understand the particular solution to the case presented. And you have to relate your practical part with the theory part when you write a case study in your law exam. You need to suggest a solution as well as support your suggested solution with facts and appropriate, relevant case laws. Also, you need to ensure that the rule of law you have selected is fit for the application. And you need to be creative when making your argument.


Step8: Conclusion

The conclusion is the final and crucial part of this writing. You have to make your conclusion based on the reasons why a problem was raised basing on the rule of law and using the judgment of appropriate case laws. When you finalize your case study, you should write the final verdict for every situation in the case study.