Project And Change Management Assignment

ASSIGNMENT BRIEF ON PROJECT & CHANGE MANAGEMENT- I would like to do a project and change management for Paperless strategy adopted by Dubai health authority in one of its hospital in  3000 words which is formatted as below

  • Executive summary – Basic overview of your chosen case study
  • Table of content
  • Introduction – the primary objectives of your project.
  • Body of assignment (questions need to be answered) –
  • The nature of the case study project: You are required to analyse your chosen case study’s project nature which includes identifying and describing the tasks performed in your project. Weighting (20%)
  • The nature of projects, programmes and portfolios and their management: In this section you are required to analyse the 5 phases of project management by identifying the knowledge areas to specific phase in relation to your particular project. Weighting (40%)
  • Governance: You are expected to discuss the key people handling and involved in the project such as the project manager and the group of individuals who work together on a project to achieve its objectives. It consists of the project manager, project management staff, and other members who are maybe not directly involved with management but carry out the work related to the project. Weighting (10%)
  • Engaging with stakeholders & teams: You need to identify the strategies & plans to attract and involve individuals, groups, and organizations who may be affected by a project or may affect the project for effective decision making and execution. Weighting (10%)
  • Monitoring/Closing: Project monitoring involves tracking a project’s metrics, progress, and associated tasks to ensure everything is completed on time, on budget, and according to project requirements and standards. Project monitoring also includes recognizing and identifying roadblocks or issues that might arise during the project’s execution, and taking action to rectify these problems. Weighting (10%)
  • Conclusion / Recommendation if any
  • References (in-text + citation) to be use