Leadership Style or Behaviors in Workplace – 2500 Words

Name and Title of paper – APA title page with running header
Abstract Heading and Section
Describe the factors that will influence the choice of leadership style or behaviors in workplace situations in organizations in this era.
Describe the particular dynamics and strategies that leaders have to manage during change management, sustainability, and innovation
Explain why leadership styles or behaviors are likely to have a positive or negative effect on individual or group behavior
Assess your own leadership behaviors and potential in a context of a particular leadership model and your own organizations working practices and culture using feedback from others
Describe appropriate actions you have designed (personal, teal, organizational development plans) to align your leadership behavior to any particular leadership model
Conclusion Heading and Section
The content page is to be completed in APA; the body. This page count does not include the title, abstract and reference pages.. Please follow ALL APA, such as double-spaced pages, 12 point font, etc

Introduction (Use Heading 1 Style for Main Sections)

Your text should be a Normal style. Write an introduction to your paper that summarizes what you are going to write about.

Use Heading 2 Style for Section Headings

Break up your writing by categorizing information to make it easier for the reader to follow along with the story.

Use Heading 3 for Sub-section Headings

This level should be a rare occurrence.

Don’t just have one Heading 3 Sub-section Heading

Only use the Heading 3 level when you need to further clarify your Heading 2 information.

Don’t just have one Heading 2 Section Heading

Only use the sub-head when you have enough disparate information topics to warrant using at least two sub-heads in a section.

Long Quotes

If you want to include a long quote (i.e., more than 40 words), use the Block Text style, which looks like this:

Type in your text. Then, open your Styles by clicking the small arrow in the lower right corner of the Styles box on the Home ribbon. Scroll through the styles and click on Block Text. Your text automatically formats correctly.

To go back to regular text format, choose the Normal style. Normal style is indented and double-spaced.


If you have a figure, graphic, or table, insert it. Underneath the graphic, label it with a Figure number and caption. There are Instructional Videos for Authors online that tells you how to label a figure.

  1. Place your cursor under the graphic.
  2. Navigate to the References ribbon.
  3. In the Captions box, click Insert Caption.
  4. Type the caption for your graphic.

Figure 1: Maslow’s Hierarch of Needs

Follow Webster guidelines for in-line citations


Use APA 6.0 to format your list of references.


Find Instructional Videos for Authors to learn how to use the Manage Sources feature in MS Word to generate your list of references or speak to Allison at the writing center