NUR134 Assessment Answers



This task allows you to demonstrate your understanding of several of the key concepts you have been learning about over the last few weeks. You will evidence your understanding of social determinants of health through recognising these in the case study and discussing their potential influence on the health and health outcomes of the client.   Using one of the five areas for action described in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion to address one the social determinants that you have identified displays your understanding of these and your ability to apply these to a practical situation.

Task description

To complete this task, you need to:

  • analyse the client scenario provided and examine the relevant social determinants of health and their influence on the client
  • consider potential enablers or barriers to health equity
  • describe the plan for a health promotion activity that you develop to mitigate (reduce the impact) or address, one the social determinants that you have identified as having a negative influence on the health a character or characters in the case study

The word count for this task is 1500 words (+/- 10%).

MINIMUM number of references to be cited supporting your work  – 8

Additional information and guidance on how to approach this task is available on the next page. You are encouraged to review the guidelines before undertaking this assessment task.

Assessment criteria and marking rubric

Your submission will be assessed against the following criteria. You are advised to review the marking rubric for this assessment task as it provides more detailed information about the assessment criteria.

  • Review the relevant social determinants of health. (20%)
  • Examine potential enablers or barriers to health equity. (20%)
  • Applies appropriate health promotion strategies that could be used to address one of the social determinants identified. (40%)
  • Adheres to academic writing principles. (20%)